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Within 12 months, we have helped Strive Dental acquire 200 new patient leads per month and save $3000 in legal fees for their practice.


Branding / Website Design / Local SEO / PPC Ads / Staff Contracts / Legal Counsel


In 2018, Strive Dental established the first non-profit dental practice in Surrey. As a brand new clinic, Strive was looking for assistance to quickly grow and manage various facets of their business without having to deal with multiple vendors. 

Our marketing team was able to help Strive acquire over 200 patient leads per month through effective brand awareness-to-conversion strategies. We also prepared all of Strive’s legal agreements and provided timely legal counsel to ensure that the practice’s growth goals are achieved. 

To say that they were happy with the results is an understatement!

  • 5x roi

$5 to $1 paid advertising ROI 


  • 214%

Increase in targeted website visitors

  • 200/mth

Average # of new patient leads per month

  • $30/cpa

Cost per lead acquisition on Google Ads

  • 20

1st page rankings for competitive dental keywords

  • $3000

Fees saved from legal counsel and agreements


Strive Dental has achieved multiple first page google rankings for highly competitive and valuable “buyer” dental keywords. Below are several screenshots of our successes.

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