Finance Services

Accounting and Financial Management Services

Drive Dental’s Finance and Accounting team collaborates with our members to strategically align their dental practice’s organizational structure with their financial objectives to ensure the value of the business is increasing over time.

Dental Accounting and Tax Planning

Our team includes experienced Chartered Professional Accountants and bookkeepers. They are Canadian-trained, and provide services in-line with best practices in Canada.

Members have the flexibility of continuing to work with their own accountants, while our financial team provides detailed financial analysis and strategic planning tailored for each individual dental practice.

Complete financial projections and analysis

Our team gets into the “nuts and bolts” of day-to-day practice. We provide monthly reports that track key performance indicators.

These reports include up-to-date comparisons with Canadian dental practices, so our members know exactly how well they are doing compared to other dental practices in Canada.

From drafting budgets, forecasting and doing cash-flow analyses, we give you the hard data – and the crystal-clear insight – that you need to make important financial decisions.

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