Complete Practice Management for Canadian Dentists

Our team automates your practice and drives business growth.

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The Best Solution for Canadian Dentists

  • Our “one-stop-shop” practice management services are delivered by skilled professionals accredited in Canada.
  • We meet with you ‘face-to-face’ on a regular basis, and help you expertly manage and grow your dental practice.

Greater Freedom and Increased Revenues

  • We deliver services and implement systems to reduce your stress and increase your free time.
  • We provide you with the tools and insight necessary to grow your dental practice and out-perform the competition.

Our Guarantee

  • We guarantee quantifiable results: We deliver what we promise or you get your money back.

Your Competitive Advantage

Once you join Drive Dental, we do not work with any other dentist in your neighbourhood. We help you dominate your market.

Drive Dental’s data comparisons are sourced directly from Canadian dental offices, so you have a true representation of how you compare to other Canadian practices.

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Our Deliverables


We crunch all the hard numbers.

You get crystal clear-insight to make the best financial decisions.

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We create brand domination in your community.

You receive higher demand for your dental care.

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We protect your business from top to bottom with solid legal frameworks.

You gain confidence that any dental transitions moving forward are 100% secure.

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Human Resources

We ensure your network infrastructure is efficient and secure to minimize interruptions.

You get a dynamic work force that optimize’s your practice operations on a daily basis.

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Information Technology

We ensure your network infrastructure is efficient and secure to minimize interruptions.

You are equipped with the latest tools to provide top notch dental health care.

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